It is our job to see a bigger vision of possibilities for your organization. And, next we show you how to reach it.

LaDawn Townsend, Founder, CEO & Chief Strategist 

VOS Group was launched in 2014 as a result of our founder, LaDawn Townsend, being a part of a department-wide layoff that ended her twenty-plus year corporate career in Finance & Technology.

In the moments that followed the VOS Group was launched with one purpose, ‘to help leaders have sustainable organizations that did not have to rely on layoffs to remain profitable’. Our firm has now grown as a woman, minority-owned start-up to serving clients globally with an established international presence. From live events in Miami, private client workshops, and our signature market expansion service the VOS team are go-to experts for profitability and growth.

Our capabilities & experience


Business Valuation

Through our proprietary process, we will determine the economic value of the entire organization or a unit.


Market Analysis

An in-depth analysis to determine the profitability of your organization’s offering into the market.



Proven strategy that delivers a 25% increase in revenue within four months.



The success of every organization depends on the leadership at the helm. Through our leadership training, we support all team members at each level.


Business Process Improvement

Our team blends traditional Six-Sigma Process Improvement methodology along our unique system to enhance processes for profitability. 


Mergers & Acquisitions

Is the M&A route best for your organization to be sustainable? We will evaluate the transaction to identify gaps, risks & watch items. 


Research & Development

Our Research & Development services provide a full analysis for product introduction or expansion into the market.


Market Expansion

From a market entry strategy to full-on-the-ground planning our team can support you with expansion plans.

The VOS Group is quick to listen and brings well-thought-out solutions from their work with various industries.